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Help Your Main Street Businesses Grow Online 

10-15-2020 03:21 PM

It’s hard to over-state the impact that COVID-19 has had on brick-and-mortar small businesses on Main Streets across the country. One of the most important developments has been the increasing focus on ecommerce and engaging virtual content as a means of connecting to customers in new ways. And as we head into the all-important holiday shopping season, these shifts are going to be more important than ever. To support this critical work, Main Street America has teamed up with ecommerce leader eBay to extend a special invitation to Main Street small businesses.

Check out this webinar to hear directly from eBay about a new opportunity for the small businesses in your district. Whether they're just getting started in ecommerce or looking to expand their online presence, eBay’s six-week Seller School guided course will help them learn to grow their business on eBay's global marketplace in just a few hours a week.

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