Green Rehabs

Green Rehabs

In partnership with Greenworks Lending, we are focused on helping small businesses save energy and money through energy efficient building upgrades.


Saving Energy and Money

Main Street America and Greenworks Lending have partnered to make the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE),  a public-private financing program that helps small businesses save energy and money through energy efficient building upgrades, more accessible to Main Street communities across the country. The program is currently enabled by legislation in 31 states, but others are soon to follow. See the active program map here.

How It Works

Through C-PACE, Greenworks Lending funds 100% of the hard and soft costs of commercial building upgrades and new construction elements that improve energy performance. Repayment is made through the property tax bill over the useful life of the upgrades (often 20 plus years). Cash flow is positive from day one, as energy savings typically cover the cost of repayment.

Through this partnership, local Main Street district managers can receive 0.5% of the total project cost for projects they refer to Main Street America and Greenworks Lending.

Want to learn more? View our informational webinar Help Your Small Businesses Save Money and Energy  or contact Lindsey Wallace at
The National Main Street Center recommends that any retrofit or rehabilitation project on an older or historic building follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards. Before undertaking a retrofit or rehabilitation project, we recommend you and your business owner consult The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation & Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Building. You can also contact Senior Manager of Special Projects Lindsey Wallace at with questions.