Wendy Otero

Wendy Otero


Manager of Marketing and Outreach

As MSA's Communications and Outreach Manager for the Puerto Rico Main Street Initiative, Wendy is responsible for developing and implementing inclusive community engagement to help us ensure a broad stakeholder participatory process and positive public relations throughout our work with five communities in Puerto Rico as part of our CDBG funded Whole Community Resilience Planning Program. 

Wendy Otero brings a strong background in corporate marketing, branding, human resources, community service programs, and public relations. She considers mutual trust and respect to be the cornerstone of a strong connection between a community and an organization. She has a strong commitment and passion for her roots and heritage. She earned a Master's degree in Public Relations from Sacred Heart University and a Bachelor's degree in Communications Arts from the University of Puerto Rico.

Wendy is raising two gentlemen, Jowen (21) and Wayne (17), who share her passion for music, sports, and the arts.  She loves to celebrate achievements by traveling as a family to learn about other cultures and live unforgettable moments. Wendy was born and raised in Puerto Rico and lives in Florida.