Norma Ramirez de Miess

Norma Ramírez de Miess

Senior Program Officer and Director of Leadership Development

Norma has found a unique niche in Main Street’s revitalization work. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, she is driven by a passion to help communities build consensus, define strategies, and implement successful revitalization programs. Her direct experience leading local downtown revitalization provides a depth of knowledge and understanding in all aspects involved with building strong community-driven efforts. Norma’s entrepreneurial upbringing understands the needs and challenges of small businesses. Her previous work in heritage tourism offers tools to promote our communities’ unique characteristics. And her civil engineering education makes a strong connection with planning and implementation of physical improvements. Norma utilizes her multicultural background and solid bilingual skills to help communities understand changing demographics, capitalize on the value of diversity to local economies, and strive to build more inclusive organizations. Her natural ability to connect and motivate people makes her a favorite speaker at national and state‐wide conferences. She is committed to supporting the role of Main Street directors and volunteers, conducting professional development and volunteer leadership trainings that instill a strong sense of ownership and value in leading revitalization efforts.