Jailyn Soto Quintana

Jailyn Soto Quintana


Jailyn Soto Quintana

As the Coordinator and Program Monitor for the Puerto Rico Main Street Initiative, Jailyn is responsible for providing critical monitoring, technical, and administrative support to our work with five communities in Puerto Rico through the CDBG funded Whole Community Resilience Planning Program. This is part of our efforts for building a strong foundation for community-driven revitalization in Puerto Rico

Jailyn brings over 10 years of program coordination experience focused on cross-cultural communication and learning and projects with underserved communities, both locally and abroad. Jailyn has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science/International Relations from The Ohio State University.

In 2017, her focus began to shift as a survivor and disaster recovery volunteer in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. This life changing experience highlighted the importance that our planned and built environments have on the ability to live a dignified life, especially in what are known as “extreme cities.” This led to her pursuit of a masters in planning with an emphasis on Social and Environmental planning at the University of Puerto Rico.

Jailyn’s recent work involved research projects revolving around a wide range of topics, including gender-based violence, elderly and special needs community data tracking, disaster planning, and community resiliency planning. 

A combination of her studies and lived experiences allows Jailyn to join our Main Street team with an insightful perspective of community revitalization, especially for diverse and underserved populations. Jailyn has returned to Columbus, OH with an unwavering commitment to those she serves supported by an understanding that community empowerment is the force that drives long-term, sustainable impact.