Main Street Impact

Reinvestment on the Rise

$74.73 billion reinvested, 138,303 businesses started, 614,716 jobs created, and 276,790 buildings rehabilitated since 1980.


Historic Preservation = Economic Impact

The cumulative success of the Main Street Approach® and Main Street programs on the local level has earned Main Street the reputation as one of the most powerful economic revitalization tools in the nation. The National Main Street Center conducts research to document this by annually collecting statistical information on the preservation, revitalization, and economic activities in local Main Street programs throughout the country.

Cumulative Reinvestment Statistics

Dollars Reinvested*:
$74.73 billion
Buildings Rehabilitated: 276,790
Net Gain in Jobs: 614,716
Net Gain in Businesses: 138,303
Reinvestment Ratio**: $26.43: $1
These estimates are based on cumulative statistics gathered from 1980 to December 31, 2017, for all designated Main Street communities nationwide.
*Total reinvestment in physical improvements from public & private sources
**The Reinvestment Ratio measures the amount of new investment that occurs, on average, for every dollar a participating community spends to support the operation of its Main Street program, based on median annual program costs reported to the National Main Street Center by its coordinating programs. This number is not cumulative and represents investment and organization budgets from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017.
Yearly Reinvestment Statistics
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