UrbanMain Services

UrbanMain Services

We offer both strategic and tactical services to meet the variety of conditions and needs of neighborhood commercial districts.


How We Can Help

Service offerings include both strategic and tactical services to meet the variety of conditions and needs of neighborhood commercial districts. Strategic services focus on a comprehensive, multi-phased approach to district revitalization based on decades of experience and a proven methodology. Tactical services provide specific components of a district revitalization plan for those communities needing implementation with select aspects of an existing plan.

Strategic Services

Strategic services offer a comprehensive framework that helps communities identify their unique competitive advantage, leverage the power of residents and local stakeholders, and implement a series of short-and-long-term projects organized around Main Street’s Four Points.

We provide this comprehensive approach in three phases:
  • Phase 1: Fast Track Assessment
  • Phase 2: Framework Development
  • Phase 3: Implementing Change


Tactical Services

Tactical services offer urban commercial district leaders with targeted support for initiatives or projects, or as a component of a multi-phased planning process. These are available as separate services that can be used individually or in combination.

A sampling of our tactical services includes:
  • Balancing Development and Displacement
  • Developing a Neighborhood Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Planning for Transit-Oriented District Development



Our Work

UrbanMain helps communities restore economic vitality and promote quality of life for residents in under-resourced older and historic neighborhood commercial districts.




Find answers to your questions and learn more about how UrbanMain can support your community by viewing our FAQs. You may also contact us at urbanmain@savingplaces.org.



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To discuss your district’s needs and explore what we may have to offer, please contact Dionne Baux, Director of Urban Programs, at 312-610-5618 or urbanmain@savingplaces.org.

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Main Street in Action: Salt Lake City

Our partnership with the Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development is a two-phased UrbanMain project focused on the Granary and State Street Main Street districts.

PHASE 1: The first phase focused on transformation strategies for the districts. We surveyed both neighborhood leadership and general public to assess the districts. We followed-up this up by a market data analysis to balance community feedback with realistic opportunities for real-term change. A workshop and work plan were developed to provide ideas and actions to move forward.

PHASE 2: Currently in the second phase of the project, we are providing technical services to assist with the implementation of the district work plans. This support includes a focus on organizational development, training in the Main Street Approach, partnership development and plans for resource development.