Planning for Recovery

Planning for Recovery

Main Street Forward


A Pathway Forward

Downtowns and urban commercial districts across the U.S. won’t recover from the economic impacts of the global pandemic simply by way of government proclamations to reopen or marketing campaigns to bring customers back downtown. A return to bricks and mortar shopping, and other downtown activities, like getting a haircut, participating in a fitness class, eating in a restaurant, and attending a special event will all be greatly dependent on having an informed and strategic recovery plan. Your Recovery Work Plan will position your organization with a road map, a leadership position in the recovery, and an opportunity to secure implementation resources through advocacy.

Getting Started

The following graphic highlights the overall approach to crafting your Main Street Forward Recovery Work Plan. Since it is difficult to predict with any clarity the timeline between reopening and a more settled new normal, we recommend that you initially look at your plan as a 90-day period for activities in all Four Points of the Main Street Approach that will aid in your district’s recovery efforts. After the initial period, reevaluate based on remaining needs and a fresh look at your recovery inputs. Learn more about each of the steps by downloading our Planning for Recovery Guide or view by clicking on our quick links below.



Step by Step

Explore each part of the recovery planning process by clicking on the links below.

Four Point Tip Sheets

Learn about recovery activities as they relate to the Main Street Approach and ideas to help your Main Street navigate the impact of COVID-19.

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