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Navigating Streets as Places

Webinar Series


Masterclass Series

The Navigating Main Streets as Places: A People-First Transportation Toolkit “masterclass” webinar series dives into the content of the handbook through interactive questions, knowledge sharing, and question and answer sessions. Each webinar will provide guidance for Main Street leaders, community advocates, local officials, transportation professionals, and everyone else in between on how to: 

  • Evaluate streets and transportation through the lens of placemaking;
  • Balance the needs of mobility and other street activities; 
  • Build stronger relationships with other decision-makers and the community.

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Webinar 1: This Introductory webinar explores how the toolkit came to be, how the toolkit content is relevant to today’s Main Street communities, and provides an overview of what is to come in the three following webinars. This provides viewers a base of information for the following three webinars and how they can be involved throughout the process. In addition to viewing the webinar, we encourage you to complete this brief assignment.


Webinar 2: The second webinar of the Navigating Main Streets as Places series explains why transportation and streets matter for commercial districts by examining their potential costs and benefits across key areas: equity, safety, health, economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and community.


Webinar 3:
Our third “masterclass” installment focuses on the nuts and bolts of various elements that directly impact the quality of Main Street transportation networks in the areas of streetscape and pedestrian design, vehicular traffic, and parking. We offer recommendations for infrastructure, programming strategies, and policy solutions. Along with a robust community process, these recommendations can be adapted and used to inspire your projects, to share as examples with fellow stakeholders, and to create the foundation for streets.


Webinar 4:
Our final installment focuses on how to put the knowledge and tools presented in the handbook into action through an intentional process of building knowledge, building partnerships, and then building a plan that is reflective of a community’s needs and capabilities. This webinar provides actionable steps on how to assess your street conditions, engage your community, and create collective buy-in around your revitalization planning, projects, and programs.