Transportation Matters for Main Streets

Chapter 1

Transportation Matters for Main Streets


People, Place, and the Economy

The transportation networks in and around a commercial district directly and indirectly impact people, place, and the economy. Revitalizing spaces and improving quality of life relies upon thoughtful consideration of how transportation and streets influence the life and livelihood of our Main Streets. These considerations also better equip us, as leaders, to advocate for better transportation design in our own communities.

Chapter 1: Transportation Matters for Main Streets explores the Streets as Places philosophy and explains why transportation and streets matter for commercial districts by examining their potential costs and benefits across six key areas: equity, safety, health, economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and community. Explore each of these areas by clicking the buttons below.

Streets as Places

Streets are more than just a means of mobility. Streets themselves are critical public spaces that can lend richness to the social, civic, and economic fabric of our communities.

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