Building a Better Street Together

Chapter 3

Building a Better Street Together


A Collaborative Process

People-first, high-quality streets and a transportation network that work for your Main Street can be accomplished in many ways and at varying scales. Whether you are advocating for simple or complex change, this toolkit provides a lens to understand transportation challenges and options to address those challenges through thoughtful engagement with community and transportation officials alike. Since interests may be competing or misaligned, engagement, partnership, and implementation strategies that are place-specific and community-driven will be beneficial to navigating this inherently collaborative process.

Chapter 3 helps you understand how to put the knowledge and tools presented in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 into action through an intentional process of building knowledge, building partnerships, and then building a plan that is reflective of a community’s needs and capabilities. Tools in this section provide actionable steps on how to assess your street conditions, engage your community, and create collective buy-in around your revitalization planning, projects, and programs.

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Background Research and Street Evaluation

Stakeholder Identification and Engagement

Vision Alignment and Implementation