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Allied Member Spotlight: Spring Tune Up for Websites

May 25, 2023 | Allied Member Spotlight: Spring Tune Up for Websites: By: Lisa Morgen, Retailworks, Inc. | 

Spring has sprung. It’s a good time to do some spring cleaning not only inside your store but to your digital storefront—your website.  

Did you know that 87% of U.S. consumers start their shopping experience online with product searches? That’s according to Therefore, it’s essential that your website makes an excellent first impression.  

Cohesive branding

You’ve worked hard to build your brand, so make sure that you have cohesive branding between your store and website. Consistency is the name of the game. Incorporate your brand’s colors, fonts and visual components across your website. You want your business to be remembered when people visit your store and your website.


Provide fresh and concise content. Don’t overload a section with too much information; create internal links to additional information that visitors can easily access with the click of a button.

About us 

An About Us section is the perfect place to discuss the history of the company and what makes it unique. It’s also a good place to incorporate photos of staff members along with their titles and perhaps personal anecdotes. This section helps build trust and confidence with consumers.


Research at 3M Corporation concluded that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. So, intersperse your website with colorful photos and graphics that support the content. They also make it easier to digest the information.

Call to action

You want visitors to your website to do something. It could be to contact you, sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, etc. Call-to-action items should be clear and concise and included at the end of every page. For the visitor it simply means pressing a button. For you, it means making a connection with a potential customer.


Everyone can put product shots and prices up on their website, but consumers need more. Give them something they can relate to and connect with beyond products, services and warranties. After all, they don’t necessarily buy solely based on price. Build a bridge. Make a connection. Invite them to in-store events and tell them about community happenings that you are involved with. Share photos of past events. 


There’s nothing like having another person talk positively about your business and recommend it to others. Customer testimonials help build trust and gain customers. Ask customers for permission to include a testimonial about their positive buying experience. 


Remember that newcomers to your area and new visitors to your website may not know where to find you. So be sure that your store name, address, hours and email address are in a clearly visible spot (preferably in the footer of your website as well as on the Contact Us page). 

Include a photo of the store’s exterior along with a Google map. Have a parking lot and/or a pickup location? Let people know that. Make it easy for them to find you.

Social media icons 

Include icons that link to your social media platforms. Often, visitors will check out your company’s social media to find additional content. In addition, your social media platforms provide readers with an easy way to share information about your company via their social media platforms. 

Mobile-friendly access 

More than 60 percent of internet users access online content through mobile devices, according to So, your website needs to be accessible from mobile devices and easy to read. This means viewers shouldn’t have to pinch in and out on the screen to read information.  

Easy navigation

According to, 80% of consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. This includes the use of your website, so be sure it’s easy to navigate. 
Remember, your company website is a powerful tool. Take time to review it, make necessary updates and keep it fresh, so it works most effectively for you and your customers.