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New Survey for Small Businesses! A Note from NMSC's Research Team

January 27, 2021 | New Survey for Small Businesses! A Note from NMSC's Research Team |

Our January SMS survey of small business owners has been live for about 24 hours, and we’ve currently received about 200 completed surveys. Could we get to 500? 1,000? If you haven’t already, please consider sharing information about the survey with small businesses in your community. I’ve copied a couple sample messages and linked to a few social graphics for your use below.

Our January survey includes four quick multiple-choice questions, so there is fairly minimal demand required of time and attention. This month, we're asking about business owners' plans with the renewed PPP program, the impact of e-commerce in 2020 holiday revenues, and the way 2020 holiday revenues shaped up compared to 2019.

For those with a competitive streak, Indiana and Louisiana currently lead in participation with 18 surveys from area codes in those states. Virginia is in a close third with 16 respondents. Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Washington aren’t far behind with 11 each. Georgia and Oregon are in the mix with 10 each, and Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, and Oklahoma round out the top dozen states with 9 survey respondents each.

We’ll be closing the survey down and getting into the analysis on Tuesday, February 2, so please do share if you have a convenient moment. It's still early on, and the "race" for most participation is anyone's to win.

Happy to answer any questions anyone has about the survey or anything else as well.


Michael Powe, Ph.D.
Director of Research

Spread the Word

From our advocacy work to the resources we curate for the Network, responses to our small business survey are essential to our work at Main Street America. Please help us get as many participants as possible by spreading the word in your business district! 

Text Message Friendly Text: Main Street America has 4 quick questions for small business owners. Share your story! Text SURVEY to 833-945-1313 or visit to participate.

Twitter Friendly Text: Last month, @NatlMainStreet heard about the hardships of 1,000+ small biz. The holidays are behind us and the PPP program is renewed: How are things looking now? Please take our small business survey! Text SURVEY to 833-945-1313 or visit to participate.

Social Graphics: If you're using social media with images, help us spread the word by sharing these downloadable social graphics.