HartBeat of Main Street Grant Program: Spotlighting Tina's Timeless Threads


December 22, 2020 | HartBeat of Main Street Grant Program: Spotlighting Tina's Timeless Threads |

Left: The new Point of Sale at Tina's Timeless Threads. Center: A model shows off an outfit on the new website platform. Right: New security monitors at the shop. Photos courtesy of Tina Hudson-Beamer.

Tina's Timeless Threads: Dover, DE

Owner: Tina Hudson-Beamer

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your small business.
Tina's Timeless Threads is a vintage and vintage-inspired boutique. I sell hand-curated vintage for both women and men who are tired of fast fashion consumerism, and love to express their individuality in an eco-friendly manner.
How has your business been impacted by COVID-19? 
My business came to a complete halt during the initial COVID-19 shut down. When the state shut down I had a 100% loss in income, making it difficult to purchase product, maintain upkeep of product, such as dry cleaning and repairs, and pay rent and bills. To generate sales during the shutdown, I started selling on Facebook, Instagram, and vintage selling groups online. With vintage stores not being able to source new product, I started selling bulk product on eBay and other platforms to generate sales.
How are you using the grant funds, and how will they help your business?
I am using the grant funds to upgrade to a new POS and computer system that will enable me to maintain better inventory and accounting records, a quicker checkout process, security monitors, WiFi, and a new website platform. The grant funds will allow my business to grow beyond my four walls, giving me the opportunity to expand my business worldwide. 
Are there any other ways you've pivoted your business in response to the pandemic? 
I now sell online and have created curbside, delivery, and appointments for customers.
What advice would you give to small business owners who are struggling right now?
I would advise them to use all resources available to them to help financially. Having a good mentor or advocate in your corner is very beneficial. Find groups that are in the same business as you and reach out to them to see what they are doing to move their business forward. If you are having issues paying rent don't be afraid to talk to your landlord see what options might be out there for you. 

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