We Need Your Input! New Main Street Small Business Survey on COVID-19 Recovery

August 11, 2020 | We Need Your Input! New Main Street Small Business Survey on COVID-19 Recovery | 
Dear Main Street America Network,
While economies have begun to reopen, Main Street communities still continue to face incredible challenges. Remaining resilient through the pandemic and waves of social upheaval has likely been the biggest crisis we’ve faced to date.
In March, we asked you and your businesses to help us understand how COVID-19 is affecting your community. The information we received from more than 5,800 businesses across the country has been crucial to being able to effectively communicate just how dire the situation really is. We’ve used the data in our direct asks for Main Street support at the Federal level as well as in our ongoing campaign to create broader media awareness around small business needs.
Today, Main Street businesses are still working hard to find answers and solutions—shifting business models, offering new services in old ways and old services in new ways, and taking on debt in hopes that the situation will soon improve.
We’re asking you again to help us understand what businesses are trying, where business owners are finding hope, and what potential solutions might work for others.
Please share this survey with your businesses and ask them to share their experiences and insights:


As with our first survey, we hope that we will hear from businesses across the U.S., which helps us communicate how widespread the hardship is being felt and what new practices are emerging to combat the crisis. We remain committed to protecting the privacy and anonymity of business owners while shining a light on collective answers for all communities and states where we get at least five completed surveys. The survey will be open for participation through Tuesday, August 25th.

Thank you for your help in getting the word out and for helping us move Main Street Forward.

Patrice Frey
President and CEO, National Main Street Center