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We Are Main Street: Celebrating Volunteers

April 6, 2020 | We Are Main Street: Celebrating Volunteers |
Our Community Response Roundups have featured many incredible volunteer efforts since the pandemic began, including Downtown Kenosha's sidewalk chalk initiative & Chinatown Main Street's impressive literature drop.
(Photo credit: Downtown Kenosha [left] & Chinatown Main Street [center & right])

Our We Are Main Street campaign is a year-long celebration of the people who make Main Streets shine. No time is more in need of celebrating that shine than now through the gloom of this pandemic.

This month, join us in celebrating VOLUNTEERS! During these unprecedented times, people all over the country are working tirelessly to support Main Streets and downtowns. We at the National Main Street Center want to highlight these volunteers—the neighbors, Main Street staff, and others—who are spreading joy and support for our communities. Please be sure to join us in this month-long celebration to thank the community members who lend their time and expertise to your Main Street program, making revitalization efforts possible even in the face of this pandemic. 

As a part of the celebration, we are hosting a special opportunity for local programs: 

Main Street Kudos. Did someone in your community spend their weekend distributing COVID-19 informational flyer around town? How about designing beautiful chalk drawings in front of local businesses? Or provide childcare for small business workers while schools were closed? Give them a Main Street Kudos!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be sharing your kudos on our national social media channels to give attention and gratitude to those individuals working hard to bring our communities joy and support our downtowns safely. 


Get Started Today

If you haven’t already, take a look at the We Are Main Street webpage for simple steps (and inspiration) on how to participate in the campaign. It includes: