COVID-19 Community Response Roundup: Marquee Messages & Letter Board Support

April 1, 2020 | COVID-19 Community Response Roundup: Marquee Messages & Letter Board Support | By: Abby Armato, Communications Coordinator, NMSC |
4_1_Blog_Image.pngPhoto credit from left to right: Downtown Dublin, NMSC, & Downtown Rome

The COVID-19 Community Response blog series features ideas and approaches that local Main Street America programs are taking in response to the pandemic. We will be posting these roundups frequently throughout the duration of the crisis. To view the full collection of roundups as well as access our robust collection of coronavirus-related resources, please visit our COVID-19 Main Street Resources webpage.

Today's edition of the COVID-19 Community Response Roundup features the uplifting analogue messages Main Streets are sharing in their towns. From letter boards in shop windows to marquees aside event spaces, these messages of support and hope light up downtown amidst the gloom of this pandemic. Whether you need inspiration for your own town's marquee or just need a quick pick-me-up, check out these great messages from around the Network. 

Downtown Rome | Rome, Georgia 
"Love One Another" (Photo credit: Historic Desoto Theater & Downtown Rome)

The Milk District | Orlando, Florida
"Stay Safe. Act Responsibly. We Love You." (Photo credit: The Nook on Robinson & The Milk District)

Downtown Franklin Association | Franklin, Tennessee 
"The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow..." (Photo credit: Downtown Franklin Association)

Downtown Kenosha | Kenosha, Wisconsin 
"There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness" (Photo credit: Downtown Kenosha)

Florence Main Street | Florence, Alabama
"Even the Darkest Hour / Only has 60 Minutes / Be Strong / The Show Will Go On" (Photo credit: Steve Price, Florence Main Street)

Alberta Main Street | Portland, Oregon 
"Repeat After Me: We Will Get Through This" (Photo credit: PedX Shoes & Alberta Main Street)

Downtown Dublin | Dublin, Georgia

"Bear Hugs to You All" (Photo credit: Downtown Dublin)

We look forward to sharing more Main Street community responses. Please fill out this form if your community has implemented an idea or approach you'd like to contribute.

Community Responses Across the Map

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