Stand Up for Main Street During COVID-19

March 25, 2020 | Main Street Advocacy During COVID-19 | By: Patrice Frey, President & CEO, National Main Street Center

Dear Main Street America Network,

We at Main Street America welcome the news that a $2 trillion stimulus bill is nearing passage in the Senate and is anticipated to become law. As of this writing, details are sketchy on the specific programs that are available to support small businesses; we will be working with our partners to better understand these funding opportunities and relay this information to you. Tomorrow, in our webinar featuring the National Federation of Independent Businesses, we expect to be able to share more details about stimulus programs and other efforts to save small businesses.

That said, this federal stimulus bill is likely just a first step in securing resources needed to support small business. We urge you to join us in supporting our partners at Small Business Majority, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and the National Conference of Nonprofits to ensure additional financial support is available to our small businesses and Main Street nonprofits.

Federal Support for Small Businesses – We recognize the need for immediate access to grants and simplified disaster loan processes. Main Street America is partnering with Small Business Majority to share our voice as advocates for small businesses, micro-businesses, and entrepreneurs across the country. We encourage you to sign-on – and ask your local businesses to join as well – to amplify the need for immediate, direct support for Main Street-scale businesses. Add your voice now.

You can stay tuned to the detailed legislative updates that organizations like Small Business Majority and National Federation of Independent Businesses are providing on a daily basis.

Federal Support for Nonprofits – These are difficult times for nonprofits as well, including social services, arts organizations, and our Main Street organizations. Like small businesses, nonprofits are in need of urgent action to weather this crisis. We encourage you to follow the National Council of Nonprofits work to include nonprofits in federal stimulus legislation.

Other ways to support your Main Street:  

  • Keep supporting local businesses! Check out Main Street America’s COVID-19 resource page for details on how to support local safely.
  • Quantify your impact – including during this crisis. Maintain documentation of your efforts and sales that are maintained and anticipated as a loss. Whether utilized now or in future recovery, data on your programmatic impact will help make the case for your program as an essential element of restarting the local economy.
  • Tell your story. Utilize the Main Street Advocacy Toolkit for resources on measuring impact, communicating with elected officials, and effectively sharing the success of your efforts.
All of us at Main Street America stand with you during this very challenging moment. Our work together today will help ensure the health of our communities in the days to come.

We urge you to check our resource page frequently and contribute your story to build on our network-wide collection of best practices.

Best regards,
Patrice Frey
President & CEO, National Main Street Center