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Preview Webinar: New National Main Street Center Design Services

April 12, 2019 | Preview: New National Main Street Center Design Services
The physical characteristics of a Main Street—the older and historic structures that make up the built environment, the infrastructure that facilitates the flow of people, the public spaces that serve as community gathering spots—all contribute to what attracts people to a place, inviting them to visit, set up shop, or call it home. How do communities achieve quality design? The answer is in the people themselves. When a community puts people first, good design follows. To support commercial revitalization professionals in their work to achieve people-centered districts, the National Main Street Center (NMSC) has developed a new suite of 75-minute technical services webinars focused on a variety of design-related topics.

Mark your calendars for May 7 for a free webinar with a preview of new design-focused technical services!

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For more information, please contact Lindsey Wallace, Senior Manager, Special Projects at or call (312) 610-5605.