Allied Member Spotlight: Traipse

January 9, 2019 | Allied Member Spotlight: Traipse | 

This week, we caught up with Main Street America Allied Member Traipsea mobile app that allows you to explore cities, historic landmarks, and locally owned businesses while challenging your brain with fun puzzles and clues. 

Name of your company?
Traipse. Fun fact: "Traipse" means to walk around casually without a specific direction, especially for pleasure.

Number of years the business has been around?

Where are you located?
Staunton, Virginia

What is the most rewarding aspect of working with Main Streets?
We get to help bolster local economies while encouraging residents and visitors to get out, explore, and interact with small businesses and sites of interest. What is extremely satisfying for us is working with people who are passionate about place and appreciate the things that make every Main Street district unique and special.

What’s the one thing you wish every Main Street manager knew about your industry/product/service?
Often Main Streets don’t realize that the costs associated with the creation of an app go beyond the initial round of development. It’s a trap that many Main Streets fall into when they go out and create an app of their own; they get stuck with paying ongoing development costs, plus must dedicate time to keep the information within the app up-to-date. The Traipse app fulfills the same needs as a dedicated app while sharing visitor ecosystems with other localities, encouraging cross-pollination, and the Traipse team keeps the information fresh. We can serve as a creator of engaging content, as a platform for engaging content created by others, and anything in between.

Name the funniest or craziest experience you’ve seen in a Main Street?
We created a custom tour for a Family Night organized by one of our Main Street clients. One of the tasks for the app users was to find a street performer, or “busker,” and listen to the words of her song to answer the challenge question in the app. The participants and the performer all really enjoyed this novel form of engagement!

What is the biggest challenge you see facing Main Streets today?
More and more, visitors are seeking curated and interactive experiences. Static interpretation will always have its place, but Main Streets are facing the need for new, affordable, and practical methods of visitor engagement.

Fun facts?
The two reasons that most inspired Traipse Founder Darren Smith to start the company were the Washington Post Hunt - an annual “puzzle hunt” in Washington D.C., and an annual treasure hunt put on by the local radio station in his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, which brought participants into local businesses.

Visit Traipse's listing in our Allied Service Directory, or learn more at Download Traipse for Apple or Android devices and take your brain for a walk!

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