Vacancy? Operation Increase Occupancy

| Tuesday, May 20 | 10:45 a.m - 12 p.m. | Room: Ambassador Salon II | Session Tracks: ST, RE, BD, EI



Vacancy? Operation Increase Occupancy

Concerned about vacancies in the commercial district? In Downtown Denison, Texas, “Operation Increase Occupancy” addressed vacancy issues after the economic downtown in 2008. Since its implementation, Denison’s downtown has been increasingly successful, with 15 new businesses in a five-month span. This session will recap the "obvious" and point out the "not so obvious" things that worked in Denison. Removing weeds from sidewalks, washing windows, and decorating vacant storefronts are just the beginning of a list that is always a work in progress. The underlying theme: "You have to look like a place people would want to start a business in order to get the ball rolling." 


Donna Dow, City of Denison 
Donna Dow is a Certified Main Street Manager in Denison, Texas. With over 16 years of Main Street management starting in Durant, Oklahoma, a lot of ideas have been absorbed from experts, volunteers, and other professionals. Dow has written a series of articles on streetscapes for Main Street Now and spoke on the same subject at National Main Street conferences in Baltimore and Chicago.