Building a Culture for Strategic Engagement

| Tuesday, May 20 | 9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. | Room: LaSalle A | Session Track: PD



Building a Culture for Strategic Engagement

If you were asked if your current initiatives are being implemented with the community’s support or just for their benefit, what would be your answer? Understanding the difference between the “with” versus the “for” approach in our outreach is an essential component to not only making things happen, but making a long-lasting impact. This session will address strategic steps to expanding our reach to motivate stakeholders to action and a strong sense of ownership in the revitalization effort.


Norma Ramirez de Miess, National Main Street Center
Norma is a Senior Program Officer for the National Main Street Center; helping communities big and small across the country identify needs, capitalize on strengths, and define strategies that achieve results. Born and raised in a family of proactive entrepreneurs and community leaders in Latin America, provides solid understanding on the needs of small business and increasingly diverse communities. Her engineering background supports strategic community planning and her work in heritage tourism and disaster relief provide insightful tools for maximizing distinctive assets and resources and in motivating people to action. Norma’s direct experience establishing and leading a Main Street revitalization program offers a firm grasp on the challenges and rewards in building strong revitalization efforts.