Big Bash - Eastern Market

eastern market conf

Tuesday, May 20
Eastern Market
6:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

At the end of another great National Main Streets Conference, it will be time to unwind with your colleagues at the Big Bash.  This year’s event will not disappoint!  There will be lots of food, beverages, entertainment and the return of the Dubious Achievement Awards!

Bash attendees will receive entry into the venue, light dinner provided by Streat Detroit, and two drink tickets that may be redeemed for two Michigan craft beer or wines.  Tickets are $55 and are going fast!

Detroit Eastern Market

Each week thousands of people flock to Eastern Market for its Saturday Market to enjoy one of the most authentic urban adventures in the United States. The market and the adjacent district are rare finds in a global economy - a local food district with more than 250 independent vendors and merchants processing, wholesaling, and retailing food.

At the heart of Eastern Market is a six-block public market that has been feeding Detroit since 1891. Every Saturday it is transformed into a vibrant marketplace with hundreds of open-air stalls where everyone from toddlers to tycoons enjoy the strong conviviality served up along with great selections of fruits, veggies, fresh-cut flowers, homemade jams, maple syrups, locally produced specialty food products, pasture and/or grass-fed meat and even an occasional goose or rabbit.