2014 Mobile Workshops: Tuesday, May 20


Tuning in to Your Downtown

Tuesday, May 20
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Ticket Price: $ 25.00
Requires: Moderate Walking, Smartphone and Headphones

What does a 2010 GAMSA Winner do for an encore? Downtown Ferndale went ‘on tour’ and put together a series of connect and play audio tours highlighting its public art, history and green infrastructure. The process was easier than you’d think! Learn the ‘how to’ of creating an audio tour from conception to execution. After choosing a self-guided audio tour for themselves, participants will have access to advice and instruction on creating tours to showcase their own unique community assets.

Midtown Detroit: A Work in Progress

Tuesday, May 20
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Ticket Price: $15.00
Requires: Moderate Walking

Midtown Detroit is a neighborhood in transition with projects in each phase of the redevelopment process. The anchor institutions in the neighborhood are making major investments, museums and galleries abound, and an increasing residential population is creating diverse foot traffic. Midtown has seen a great deal of investment and success over the past few years, but not without challenges. On this tour you’ll see the Main Street Approach in action.

Connecting the Cut:  From River to Market - Sold Out!

Tuesday, May 20
10:00 AM – 1:45 PM
Ticket Price: $35.00
Requires: 4 Mile Bike Ride
Includes: Bike Rental and Lunch at Russell Street Deli

Explore three of the most exciting revitalization projects in Detroit—The Riverwalk, Dequindre Cut, and Eastern Market—via bike!  Hear representatives from each venture discuss the development process, partnerships and financing that made these destinations the successes they have become.  Starting at the Renaissance Center, you’ll walk to The Riverwalk and get fitted for bikes, ride the Dequindre Cut (1.5 miles) up to Eastern Market, have lunch at Detroit’s famous Russell Street Deli and then bike back.