The 4 P's of Creative Economy: People, Products, Places, and Partnerships

Learning Approach: Concept Exploration

| Sheraton New Orleans, Napolean B | Posted: Sunday, 8:00-11:00 a.m.



The 4Ps of the Creative Economy

A creative economy−it sounds good, but what is it exactly? State agencies in Mississippi have taken a closer look at the connection between creativity, innovation, the arts, and economics at the state level. Learn more at this in-depth workshop about the opportunities for partnerships between economic and cultural entities, including how Main Street's structure creates the framework necessary for creative economic initiatives to flourish. Discover best practices from three Mississippi Main Street communities that have successfully used creative strategies to revitalize downtown development, invest in historic preservation, and develop healthy historic business corridors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how communities can gain from nurturing a creative, innovative, cultural environment.
  2. Examine specific resources for creative people, places and products.
  3. Identify strategies and best practices of communities that have successfully cultivated vibrant creative economies within a Main Street environment.
  4. Explore opportunities and benefits of partnerships between arts and cultural and economic development entities on a regional, state, and local level

For more information contact:

Allison Winstead, Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC)

Allison Winstead joined the MAC in 2006 as their Arts-Based Community Development Director. Allison works with Mississippi communities to find ways that the arts, creativity and culture can weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life. The Arts-Based Community Development program works to ensure access by residents in communities all over Mississippi to high-quality arts programs by supporting programs at the local level. With a background in economics and art history and experience in arts administration and non-profit consulting, Allison is ready to assist organizations and communities in a myriad of different ways while always working towards the same end product: creating quality arts programming reflecting each communities own set of assets and needs.

Malcolm White, Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC)

From rural Stone County, Mississippi, Malcolm White worked his way through the ranks of the hospitality industry, which lead to opening one of Jackson's most celebrated gathering places: Hal & Mal's. 31 years ago, he launched the parade in Jackson that still bears his name. Today, Mal's St. Paddy's Parade draws over 70,000 people to downtown Jackson and brings over $7 million to the local economy. As Executive Director of the MAC, Malcolm works tirelessly for the arts across the entire state, and he was instrumental to the cultural rebuilding of the Gulf Coast communities that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina, creating and composing new possibilities for artists and arts institutions in the lower six counties.

Alan Henderson, Mississippi Development Authority (MDA)

John Brandon, Mississippi Development Authority (MDA)

Joy Melinda Foy, Mississippi Development Authority (MDA)