Work Plans: Building a Bridge Downtown

Learning Approach: Skills Building

| Sheraton New Orleans, Oak Alley | Posted: Sunday, 10:30-11:15 a.m.

Work plans are the detailed specs that steer a downtown from the present into the future, similar to the budgeting and engineering plans that go into the building of a bridge. Too often, however, volunteers−and sometimes staff−are “planning averse.” This session will show that, far from muting creativity, work plans can turn big dreams into reality. This session will examine various work plan templates, online work planning tools, and ways to “sell” work planning to committees back home.

Learning Objectives :

  1. Understand the importance of work plans as a creative tool for change
  2.  Understand the components of a good work plan
  3. Understand different work planning methods, including web-based tools
  4. Use these tools to help committees work more effectively

For more information contact:

Mary Lee Stotler, Pennsylvania Downtown Center
Mary Lee Stotler has over a dozen years of experience in community and economic development in Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania, nearly half of that time as a Main Street manager. A former teacher, she has both bachelor's and master's degrees in English. She currently works as Field Services Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Downtown Center.