Top 10 Global Trends Affecting Downtowns and How to Respond at Home

Learning Approach: Concept Exploration

| Sheraton New Orleans, Nottoway | Posted: Sunday, 9:15-10:00 a.m.



Top Ten Global Trends

Learn more about the Global Trends analysis that looks at how changing demographics, lifestyles, and competition are shaping cities and influencing the growth of downtowns. The 2012 trend report will revise underlying trends that continue to shape cities, plus introduce emerging trends. The effects of global recession and the prospects for the future, which are mostly positive for downtowns, will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand global trends shaping downtowns and how Main Streets can benefit.
  2. Learn about the changes in demographics, lifestyles, and global competition that are shaping downtowns.
  3. Take home tips on how Main Streets can benefit from trends.
  4. Discuss the importance of some surprising and new trends.

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Brad Segal, Progressive Urban Management Association

Brad Segal is president of Progressive Urban Management Associates (P.U.M.A.), a Denver-based real estate economics consulting firm specializing in downtown and community development. The firm has served more than 200 clients in 34 states, Canada and the Caribbean. Brad has nearly 30 years of experience and is considered a leading authority on downtown trends, strategic planning and BIDs. Prior to establishing P.U.M.A., Brad was the Downtown Denver Partnership's senior director. Brad holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from the University of California at Berkeley. He is currently serving his third term on the IDA board of directors.