Social Media in 15 Minutes: Grow Your Online Presence Without Going Crazy

Learning Approach: Skills Building

| Sheraton New Orleans, Maurepas | Posted: Sunday, 10:30-11:15 a.m.

Main Street managers, development directors, small business owners are thrown into the social media landscape with new tools coming at them on a daily basis. Choosing the best way to share the Main Street message without going berserk is crucial to developing effective online presence. Attend this quick crash course to learn easy, effective ways to manage your social media content by leveraging it through multiple platforms. Included are step by step instructions on using 15 minutes a day to effectively spread your message across many media platforms including blogging, press releases, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Assess which social media you should focus on for greater exposure.
  2. Create a 15 Minute a Day Plan to use the chosen social media
  3. Learn new time management skills using programs such as and
  4. Learn to share your new skills directly with your supporters.

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Jacqueline Wolven, Eureka Springs Downtown Network
Jacqueline Wolven serves as the Executive Director for the Eureka Springs Downtown Network (ESDN). In her role as director she leads the organization in it's dedication to the financial success of downtown Eureka Springs. The compelling history, architecture, geography and independently owned businesses Eureka Springs' downtown offers a mix that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Downtown is the keystone to the economic structure of the community both as a visitor attraction and as a source of sales/property tax revenue. As part of the National Trust Main Street and Main Street Arkansas Program the support from the national, state, and local level has been inspiring. Wolven started her career designing packages for Ninja Turtle Toys, Star Wars Episode One Packaging, and a host of consumer goods. After a solid career in graphic design in San Francisco she jumped feet first into corporate business development working with Bechtel National, Inc. and then Carlson Marketing Group as Director of Marketing Communications. Prior to the bust Wolven with clients to define their message and explode their brand, she worked with technology clients such as Sun, Citrix, and HP. Her travel and incentive marketing programs and materials are featured in the Pampered Chef corporate museum, as well. After relocating, sight unseen, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas with her family she worked extensively with nonprofits to define their brand and coordinate grant and fundraising efforts. In addition to her work with ESDN, Wolven consults for small businesses nationwide providing hands on marketing solutions to grow their business. A graduate of Platt College, California and a learning sponge she continues to keep ahead of all that is new in the marketing landscape. She lives with her husband, a flock of free-range chickens and is a proud parent of a daughter at University of Arkansas.