Not Just a Street!

Learning Approach: Best Practices

| Sheraton New Orleans, Oak Alley | Posted: Sunday, 9:15-10:00 a.m.

Many historic downtowns concentrate on "main" street and forget that the “gateway” to downtown plays an equally important role by creating a sense of arrival and expectation. When engineers proposed a four-lane access road into downtown Stuart, Fla., the local Main Street organization worked to change public perceptions about how streets can enhance or destroy the sense of arrival downtown. Hear about the “Colorado Avenue Beautification Project,” and learn more about the design process and consensus building that helped create a successful gateway to Main Street.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify marketing opportunities.
  2. Understand impacts of traffic.
  3. Learn how to build consensus.

Learn more:

For more information contact:

Raul Ocampo, Ocampo & Associates

Raul Ocampo is the president of OCAMPO & ASSOCIATES a architecture and planning firm in Stuart, Florida.  He has over 40 years of experience as a design professional and entrepreneur.  Mr. Ocampo served on the Stuart Main Street Board for over 6 years, three as president.  Among the accomplishments of Stuart Main Street during his tenure are; Creation of a Joint Main Street / Downtown Business Association Executive Board to address issues of mutual concern and aid in the promotional efforts of their historic downtown retail corridor, creation of a model for "outdoor" seating areas, resolving the Parking Crisis and the Colorado Avenue Beatification Project.  As president he bridged the politics of city administrator, city commission, the business association and the CRA and created a model committee structure within Main Street to address common issue problems of events coordination, streetscape, traffic and parking, and beautification and budgeting.