Art Walk FUNraising in Farmington

Learning Approach: Best Practices

| Sheraton New Orleans, Borgne | Posted: Sunday, 9:15-10:00 a.m.

Sure, we all know about Art Walks, but Farmington, N.Mex., has taken its Art Walk to a whole new level by adding an annual ART FUNraiser. Partnering with community artists of all ages and experience, the city has created a very successful art walk with great business, artist, and community participation. This quarterly event now includes an annual ART-centered FUNraiser; and, earlier this year, they incorporated the art produced for the show into a custom deck of cards. The city has raised thousands of dollars through the sale of the original art pieces and card decks. Come learn the secrets to their success!

Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand how the case study event is structured and implemented.
    2. Take home practical tips for building stronger relationships with artists and business owners in your downtown district.
    3. Understand how to implement an ART FUNraiser into an existing or new Art Walk program.
    4. Learn how to use the custom card deck as a program fundraiser even if you don't have an existing Art Walk.

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For more information contact:

Robyne Beaubien, CMSM, New Mexico Main Street

Robyne Beaubien is a seasoned non-profit professional with experience in organization, branding and promotions. She has spent 25 years working in and with a variety of non-profits, including MainStreet, and currently consults with the New Mexico MainStreet Program in Promotions. In this position, Robyne works directly with MainStreet staff and volunteers in image development, branding, special events, promotional events and media relationships. She also facilitates training and strategic planning for promoting MainStreet districts. Robyne has spent seven years directing a MainStreet program and her “in the trenches” experience, brings a fresh and practical approach to her speaking style.

Elizabeth Isenberg, City of Farmington

Elizabeth Isenberg’s background in arts and cultural non-profits from fundraising to organization has made her a perfect fit for Main Street. For the past 6 years she has led the Farmington MainStreet Program as the Executive Director working with her committees to launch new initiatives and creative ways to engage the community and raise money at the same time.