Never Stop Selling−Sponsorships for Improved Profitability!

Learning Approach: Best Practices

| Sheraton New Orleans, Napoleon B | Posted: Monday, 8:00-9:15 a.m.



Never Stop Selling

Without sponsorships, you’re always scrambling for money. In this session you will delve into the mystique of sponsorship sales and learn how to chart a course for guaranteed success. You’ll also hear successful case histories from towns of 1,000 to 100,000. The techniques, strategies and tactics presented are guaranteed to make you successful. Learn to love selling and increase your revenue!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Lose your fear of sales.
  2. Increase your sponsorship sales by a minimum of 20 percent.
  3. Understand the power of sponsorship marketing for the businesses in and around your community.
  4. Increase programs because of increased profitability.

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Sylvia Allen, Allen Consulting
Sylvia Allen is President of Allen Consulting, Inc. ... where for the last 35 years she has been sell sponsorships for a living. And, she has written HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT SPONSORSHIP SALES, a reference guide that will make packaging sponsorships easy (and effective). She was an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Marketing at NYU ... where she taught sponsorship for 20 years... as well as being Program Advisor for the leading Events and Entertainment marketing program in the country. She has sold everything from a $25 parking spot to a $4,000,000 multi-year deal. Her refreshing, honest and entertaining approach to sponsorship makes learning about it a delight. Previous clients have included the San Gennaro Festival, Garden State Arts Center and MANY National Main Street programs including Vermont, Illinois, Indiana, Washington, Baltimore, Oregon, D.C., New Jersey and on and on. She travels all over the country (Japan, China, Singapore, India, Ireland, Iceland, Holland, etc.) giving seminars on sponsorship to a wide, and diverse, range of audiences, including IFEA where she has consistently received rave reviews. Prior to forming her own business, Sylvia worked for such Fortune 500 companies as AT&T and McGraw-Hill Publications. In 2003 she visited Africa where she had a life changing experience. As a result, she formed Sylvia's Children, a 501©3 organization that supports a school in Uganda, Africa. She wants to share that joy with you … please let her.