In Your Door and Coming Back For More: The Retailer's Perspective

Learning Approach: Best Practices

| Sheraton New Orleans, Napoleon C | Posted: Monday, 8:00-9:15 a.m.

Although Main Street helps to bring people downtown, it's up to the businesses to get them in their door and keep them coming back for more! Learn how two downtown mom-and-pop retail stores promote their businesses through advertising, social networking, and fun-filled promotions to achieve their maximum potential.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover a variety of promotion ideas designed to increase traffic to downtown and into local  businesses.  
  2. Learn tips on making your retail promotions successful

For more information contact:

Brandy Sensenich, Sensenich Jewler

Brandy Sensenich, Marketing Manager for  Sensenich Jeweler, a family owned & operated downtown jewelry store. Brandy serves on the Main Street Chillicothe Missouri Board of Directors, in addition to the Organization and Piccadilly Gala committees.

Sandy Lucy, Washington Missouri

Sandy Lucy, owner of Gary Lucy Gallery in downtown Washington, MO. Sandy has seen the business side of life from many different angles. From serving on boards, working as mayor, and running her own store. For the past 29 years, Sandy has enjoyed running the Gary Lucy Gallery alongside her husband, Gary, in historic downtown Washington, MO. Sandy also serves on several boards, such as Downtown Washington, Inc (a 2012 GAMSA Award Winner), the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Bank of Washington Community Advisory. In 2012, Sandy was elected as mayor of Washington and is now halfway through her first term.