Hysteria and History: Telling the Difference to Establish Your Community's Unique Identity

Learning Approach: Skills Building

| Sheraton New Orleans, Napoleon D | Posted: Monday, 3:15-4:30 p.m.



Hysteria and History

Learn how to protect and capitalize on your community’s unique historic and cultural resources. This session will cover historic preservation principles, terminology, partners, incentives, and preservation planning. Explore strategies and benefits to partnering with local, state, and federal organizations to further your community’s preservation efforts and enhance your Main Street’s identity.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the players in preservation, who does what, and who to go to for help.
  2. Learn about the laws that govern preservation in our country and what can and cannot be done.
  3. Dispel the myths of preservation.
  4. Better understand how Main Street and historic preservation can work together for a prosperous community.

For more information contact:

Megan Brown, National Park Service
Megan works as the Certified Local Government National Coordinator within the State, Tribal, and Local Plans and Grants Division of the National Park Service in Washington, DC. She works with over 1830 communities certified as having a commitment to preservation in partnership with the State Historic Preservation Offices in all 50 states. Through partnerships and the allocation of Historic Preservation Fund grants to local communities, Megan helps local preservationists take on projects to engage and save their communities. In addition she manages grants from the Historic Preservation Fund, including: Save Americas Treasures, Preserve America and annual funding to fifteen State Historic Preservation Offices.

Robin Zeigler, Metro Historic Zoning Commission Nashville
HISTORIC ZONING ADMINISTRATOR METRO HISTORIC ZONING COMMISSION NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, SEPTEMBER 2009 TO PRESENT Lead a team of design review professionals and serve as staff to the design review board. Review minor Certificate of Appropriateness applications and write and present staff reports for major applications. Create, lead and administer an educational program including presentations, website, newsletter articles, brochures, and handouts. Improve "customer service" with an upgrade in processes, staff training and board education. Provide assistance to property owners, developers, architects and contractors. Participate in Section 106 review. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS--CURRENT AND PRIOR National Alliance of Preservation Commissions--board member and Chair of the 2012 conference, Preservation Kentucky--Vice-Chair 2005-2007, Warren County Cemetery Board--board member 2005, Bowling Green-Warren County Landmark Association--ex-officio board member 2002-2007, National Trust for Historic Preservation--Forum member, Recent Past Preservation Network, Tennessee Preservation Trust, Utah Heritage Foundation, Nashville Civic Design Center