Designing Main Street:

Complete Streets Policies Create Inviting Main Streets

| Hilton Baltimore, Key 5 | Posted: Wednesday, 10:30-11:45 a.m.



Designing Main Street Complete Streets

Can the streetscape spark economic revitalization? Hear how Complete Streets policies across the country ensure that persons of all ages and abilities can safely travel by foot, bike, or transit in communities of all sizes. Learn about Complete Streets policies, see how they fit into the design point of the Main Street Approach, and find out how to advocate for them in your community. Get inspired by the successful Complete Streets-based streetscape projects in Dubuque, Iowa, and Washington, D.C. CM | 1.25

Learning Objectives:
  • Advocate for Complete Streets policies in participants' communities by understanding the keys to successful policy adoption and writing a good policy
  • Explain how Complete Streets policies fit into the Main Street design approach by creating safe and inviting public spaces
  • Demonstrate how improving the streets are integral to Main Street in a small town and urban community
  • Describe components successful Main Street street projects including public-private partnerships

For more information contact:

Daniel LoBianco, Dubuque Main Street, Ltd;

Barbara McCann, National Complete Streets Coalition