Retailing: Where Do We Go from Here? Being Small, but Thinking Big? Being BIG, but Thinking Small?

| Hilton Baltimore, Holiday 4 | Posted: Tuesday, 2:00-3:15 p.m.

In this anxious marketplace, clever retailers are rethinking their strategies. Learn about the trends that are driving consumer decisions, such as themed retail with imaginative interiors; social style, social applications, and social selling; novel locations, pop-up-tailing and rental culture; virtual deal making, digital currency; augmented reality; on-demand dining and experimental eating; and understanding consumers’ motivations. This is a highly visual session that will stimulate your thinking about the future of Main Street businesses.

Learning Objectives:
  • Main Street Managers and business owners will be challenged to embrace many new retail formats
  • To understand current retail success strategies that can be adapted for their small business
  • To strategize and learn tactics that appeal to today's fickle/educated consumer

For more information contact:

Margie Johnson, Shop Talk