Parking Management Strategies to Unlock Downtown Vitality

| Hilton Baltimore, Peale | Posted: Tuesday, 3:45-5:00 p.m.



Parking Management Strategies

Is addressing parking in a new way your key to reducing traffic, increasing economic performance, and protecting the environment? By carefully regulating parking design, you can provide enough parking, while still building walkable, beautiful places. Learn how to estimate supply and demand and maximize your parking supply and find out the differences between managing on-street versus off-street facilities. Most importantly, find out why parking management is directly linked to the success of downtowns. CM | 1.25

Learning Objectives:
  • Have a suite of tools to apply to your downtown
  • Be able to conduct your own supply and demand analysis
  • Understand success stories from around the country
  • Have sample zoning and regulatory language to bring home

For more information contact:

Lisa Jacobson, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates