Community Kitchens: Making Food, Entrepreneurs, and Jobs Downtown

| Hilton Baltimore | Posted: Tuesday, 3:45-5:00 p.m.



Community Kitchens

Community commercial kitchens don’t just harness local food ways; they can incubate entrepreneurs. Learn about policy initiatives in Philadelphia that address healthy food in underserved communities and a $5 million fund-raising success that created a commercial kitchen in a distressed neighborhood in West Philadelphia. Then see how food can be used in branding in New Jersey’s Bridgeton Culinary District, which features food festivals, an expanded farmers market, gardens, and a commercial kitchen. CM | 1.25

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand a variety of policy initiatives in Philadelphia that are addressing the need for healthy food in underserved communities
  • Learn how the Enterprise Center in Philadelphia raised $5 million to create a neighborhood commercial kitchen and how the place works
  • Get advice about branding a downtown as a food destination from Bridgeton NJ Main Street, and the events they hold to reinforce that brand image and their plans for a commercial (coop) kitchen.
  • The impact these three initiatives are making in the region.

For more information contact:

Donna Ann Harris, CMSM, Heritage Consulting Inc.;

Jim Flaherty, City of Philadelphia;

Carola Lillie Hartley, Bridgeton Main Street;

Gregory L. Heller, The Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation