The New Economy is Now: Is Your Business Community Entrepreneurial Enough to Compete?

| Hilton Baltimore, Holiday 1 | Posted: Monday, 2:00-3:15 p.m.



The New Economy is Now

Owning a business does not make one an entrepreneur! In order to survive in the New Economy, traditional downtown merchants must evolve toward an entrepreneurial mindset that embraces innovation, technology, and an increasingly global market. Main Street can effectively lead the charge to foster this cutting-edge entrepreneurial ecosystem in which businesses are sustainably started and grown. Two co-presenters and several interactive group discussions will make this a lively and engaging session.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand and communicate what differentiates a traditional Main Street business owner from an entrepreneurially-minded one in the New Economy
  • Teach traditional small businesses and non-profits ways of successfully transitioning into the New Economy and thereby become sustainable.  (Interactive portion of session
  • Engage local business owners in conversations and training that will facilitate their being more innovative
  • Develop and implement initiatives that will allow downtowns representatives to effectively create an entrepreneurial eco-system in their community

For more information contact:

Ken Anderson, Delaware Economic Development Office;

Diane Laird, Downtown Delaware/Delaware Main Street