Leveraging a Regional Strategy for Local Success

| Hilton Baltimore, Holiday 5 | Posted: Monday, 2:00-3:15 p.m.

Come along on a lively multimedia tour of Southwest Virginia's 19-county downtown revitalization strategy that combines the unique and traditional assets artisan crafts, bluegrass and traditional mountain music, the heritage of our nation's western expansion, and scenic and natural resources to tell the story of a region.  Your tour guide will be Jeff Sadler, State Coordinator of the Virginia Main Street Program, who will show you how each downtown plays a vital role in the success of this strategy, and benefits from the regional cooperation and instinct.  Special stops will be made in Marion, Va and Bristol, VA/TN to see hear about the details of how this strategy has provided local success.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to identify a "region" suitable for cooperation 
  • Identifying common assets that are uniquely local
  • Building a regional identity/brand on local assets
  • Coordinating local assets in the framework of Regional Cooperation

For more information contact:

Jeff Sadler, Va Dept of Housing and Community Development;

Christina Blevins, Believe in Bristol;

Ken Heath, Mariona Downtown Revitalization Association;