Big Box, Small Box: Preparing for National Chains

| Hilton Baltimore, Holiday 4 | Posted: Monday, 2:00-3:15 p.m.

National big-box retailers have rediscovered Main Street and are rolling out smaller-format stores. Could your community be where the next one opens? Do you want to keep them out or attract them? Learn about this retail trend and how you can protect your commercial district and independent businesses. Learn about balancing economic and business development goals, zoning and design considerations, and negotiation techniques so you can be prepared to deal with national chains. CM | 1.25

Learning Objectives:
  • Determine whether these stores are a help or a hindrance
  • What can be done to attract them or keep them out?
  • What can be done in advance to keep local control?
  • How to deal with them once they have opened? Determine what role they can play in revitalizing a district

For more information contact:

Rick Ferrell, Retail Market Answers, LLC;

Jeff Siegler, Heritage Ohio;

Leon Steele, Louisiana Main Street