Main Streets Conference 2012

Main Street professionals and volunteers must be able to logically describe the benefits of attending the National Main Streets Conference. The National Trust Main Street Center wants to see you in Baltimore, and we've developed some suggestions to help you "make the case" to attend next year's conference.

Include the costs of attending the conference in your budget for 2012. Compared with other national conferences, the registration rates for the National Main Streets Conference are extremely competitive and have remained the same for three years. Click here to see registration rates, as well as estimated hotel room costs and suggestions for saving on travel costs.

How can the Main Streets Conference help you do your job?  Put together a list of the top three issues you face and take a look at the 2011 conference schedule. Did it have content that could have helped you resolve those issues? If so, you can bet that the 2012 conference will provide equally useful information. The 2012 conference schedule will be available in December 2011.


In addition to the valuable Main Street lessons and cutting-edge ideas you'll get, remember to highlight the incredible value of face-to-face meetings. Recent research done by the travel and meetings industry shows:

  • Face-to-face meetings build trust and relationships. You know this to be true in your daily work with business owners and other stakeholders in your community.
  • Education and training are more effective in a live setting. The National Main Streets Conference has a proven track record of providing attendees with successful methods and best practices shared by Main Street leaders and experts in the preservation and economic and community development fields.
  • Live meetings actually save time and money.  Instead of making dozens of telephone calls or spending precious hours online trying to find reliable information, in Baltimore, you'll make quick connections and take home valuable ideas and contacts.
  • Face-to-face meetings produce a more effective exchange of ideas. Where else can you network with National Trust staff, preservation and economic experts, colleagues, and products and service providers – all in one low-cost venue.

Most importantly, face-to-face meetings provide the human connection that powers businesses, the economy, and your community.