Everyone at the recent Main Street Coordinator’s Meeting was talking about coming to Iowa for the National Main Streets Conference next May! 

“Main Street Iowa has long been a leader in downtown revitalization, and I know they will be the perfect hosts!”
Sheri Stuart, Oregon Economic & Community Development

 “Beautiful Iowa!  One of the best examples of Main Street done right!”
-Beppie La Grande, Main Street South Carolina


“I’m looking forward to coming to Iowa for the 2011 Main Streets Conference because Iowa is known to have some of the best small towns in the country, and Oklahoma wants to take that crown!”
-Linda Barnett, Oklahoma Main Street Center

“We are looking forward to visiting Iowa, one of the shining stars in downtown revitalization and community development in the country.  We have heard great things about our friends in Iowa, and we are sure we will not be disappointed!”
-Bob Wilson, Mississippi Main Street Association

“Des Moines is a town that’s long been a model for revitalized downtown.  I’m looking forward to hands-on learning from their successes (and failures!) And the Field of Dreams!”
-Cary Tyson, Main Street Arkansas

I want to see great Main Street towns!”
-Monica Miller, West Virginia Main Street Program

“There are great people in Iowa, and diverse stakeholders who believe in the importance of Main Street and how the
-Bob Donohue, Main Street Oakland County

“I’m looking forward to coming to Iowa not only because the conference is in a neighboring state, but to see the innovative ideas and programs Iowa is known for.” 
-Elizabeth Chase, Heritage Nebraska Main Street


“Never been to Iowa!  I’d like to see flourishing small town programs! Can’t wait!”
-Diane Laird, Delaware Main Street Program

“I worked a lot with Main Street Iowa in the early 1990s, and am very interested to see how those communities are doing!”               
-Lauren Adkins, National Trust Main Street Center