It’s cold and snowy in Iowa right now and the ground hog isn’t likely to see his shadow tomorrow, but plans are underway to ensure sunny skies and warm temps in Iowa May 22-25 for the Naitonal Main Streets Conference.

But, just in case... Did you know that Des Moines boasts the largest climate-controlled skywalk system, per-capita, in the world? 

So, if the weather dares to be uncooperative, there’s no need to worry because conference participants can get just about anywhere in downtown Des Moines and stay comfortable and dry.

The skywalk system connects meeting facilities, hotels, shopping, restaurants and entertainment, the extensive, 4-mile skywalk allows visitors to enjoy Downtown Des Moines all year long no matter the weather.

But wait, main streers like their sidewalks so they can see and experience the downtown right? Well, not to woory because this elevated pedestrian walkway, which was built in the 1980’s, is being updated to better unify the skywalk system with the sidewalks below. So please explore away.

Download a map of the Des Moines skywalk system and start planning your routes!