Buy Main Street Video

Do you sometimes launch into a lecture when you are trying to explain why Main Street revitalization and people's support of the district is important? Have you wished for a more light-hearted, but still poignant, way to explain that local businesses are the building blocks of the many things we love about Main Street—the sense of community, a special sense of place, the people we meet, the memories we create?

Thanks to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, a national version of a video created for Michigan Main Streets has been adapted for use by communities everywhere to spread the word about supporting Main Street and its businesses. The National Trust Main Street Center honored their creation of this video through a 2010 National Main Street Leadership Award.

You can use this video to reach out to your local and regional media and shoppers. It captures the spirit of Main Street and the importance of local businesses. By using the images and phrases we think about when we describe what Main Street means to us, it makes people think about their spending decisions.

What Is It: A 2:49-minute, inspiring video that encourages people to support Main Street and its businesses. The language does not focus on any particular city or state; therefore, the video can be used by any community.

Ideas: Use the video on its own by posting it online or asking supporters to show it or you can build it into a new or existing campaign for your Main Street. It is well suited for a viral social media campaign or a short television spot.

Download It: 60-second video. Full-version.

For the back story on how this video came about, please read this blog post by Joe Borgstrom, director of the Specialized Technical Assistance & Revitalization Strategy Division for the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

Please let us know how you have been using it and how the message is resonating with your media contacts and customers.