Revitalizing Main Street: A practitioner's guide to commercial district revitalization

Online-only Content

RMS - Welcome SignThe documents below offer supplemental content to complement the information provided in Revitalizing Main Street, the only publication written for revitalizing and maintaining the vibrancy of traditional and historic business districts. The online chapters and additional topic discussions are meant to be read together with the print publication. Click here to order your copy of Revitalizing Main Street.

Getting Started. An online chapter to help communities that are just getting started to build a commercial district revitalization program.

Survey Tips. Tips to help your volunteers conduct surveys when collecting market data information.

RMS - Streetscape - Little Rock ARBusiness Niche Exercise. An exercise to help you identify your district's existing business niches.

Commercial District Gentrification. An online chapter that explores the issue of commercial district gentrification and discusses ways to balance chain stores with independent businesses.

Entrepreneur Support Center. Steps your community can take to create a supportive culture for entrepreneurs and the development of new businesses.

Salem, N.J., Case Study. A case study that appeared in Main Street News that discusses how one Main Street program took on the role of a developer to deal with white elephant buildings downtown.

Borrowing for Development. A Main Street News article that discusses how to become a solid loan candidate for real estate projects.

Working with the Highway Department. An online chapter that explains how a Main Street organization can work effectively with DOTs/highway agencies to ensure that transportation projects are advantageous for meeting revitalization goals.