"My Main Street" Photo Submission

Love your hometown Main Street? Show us how much.

We want to showcase photos of your Main Street and help you spread the pride you take in your downtown or neighborhood business district. See instructions below to upload your favorite photos of celebrations on Main Street, historic downtown buildings, your favorite stores, restaurants, downtown parks, and other gathering spots. From the local ice cream shop to the courthouse square, from the Fourth of July to Christmas parades and Valentine's Day, share with us the people and places that make your Main Street special. Each month, we will do an online slide show of our favorite photos and one photo will be selected for the back cover of each issue of our bi-monthly journal, Main Street Now. Also, we often receive requests from the media for photos of our main Street communities. Your photos can help us spread the message that Main Streets across the nation are alive and well and getting better everyday.

Want to see captions for the photos in the MY MAIN STREET slide show at the top of this page? Click on the pictures to view photo information in flickr. Or you can use the full screen slideshow view by clicking the lower black bar under the photos, then clicking the icon that has four arrows on it at the right side of the box, and then choosing to show the caption information from the Options menu.  

My Main Street — Submitting your photos:

You can submit photos all year long. They may be used at any time in our journal, Main Street Now, and digitally on the Main Street website and other National Trust webpages. One photo will be showcased on the back cover of each issue of Main Street Now and others will be featured the My Main Street slideshow on this page.

Please carefully follow the instructions below to submit your photos.

Please contact Linda Glisson, at 202.588.6219 or linda_glisson@nthp.org for more information about My Main Street. Contact Jeff Surak at jeff_surak@nthp.org with questions about submitting your photos.

It may be helpful to print this instructions page as a reference.

1.   Follow this link to the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Image Management System. (Note: This system works faster in Firefox, but also functions well in Internet Explorer if you prefer.)

2.   From the PASSCODES drop down menu, select "My Main Street". Complete all of the relevant fields carefully to create your username in the system. After you have completed the form, click the REQUEST button.

3.  You will be taken to a screen with this message: REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION. Your registration has been accepted.

4.   Using the email address and password with which you registered, login to the system.

GAMSA Upload Assets5.  You will be asked to read and accept the Image Management System End User License Agreement. Please select "I AGREE" at the bottom of the screen when you are ready.

6.  To begin uploading your photos click the "Upload assets" link next to the UP arrow on the FIND ASSETS tab.

GAMSA Upload Profile7.  You will now be on the ASSET UPLOADS page. Click the "My Main Street Assets Upload" link. (Note: Be sure that this website is set as a trusted site on your computer that allows pop-ups. You may have to download a free Java program one time to run this application.)

GAMSA Upload Pop Up8.  Follow the instructions in the "Upload Assets" pop-up window to either browse for the images file(s) on your computer, or simply drag and drop the files into the indicated area. You can also use the "alternate upload page" link in blue if you prefer. When ready, click the "Start Upload" button. Once you have successfully uploaded your files into the system and the bar at the bottom of the pop-up window reads 100%, you may close out of the pop-up window and return to the main Image Management System site.


9.  From the ASSET UPLOADS page, click the "View recently uploaded assets" link to refresh the page. In the UPLOADED ASSETS section you will see the files you just added into the system. You may need to refresh the page more than once as it often takes a moment or two for an uploaded file to fully process.

GAMSA Edit10. Click on the EDIT button in the OPTIONS column at the right of the file you would like to edit. Now you can begin adding the appropriate information to your files.

11. Please complete the relevant fields of the EDIT ASSET page with as much detail as possible. Be sure to check off the RELEASE AUTHORIZATION and confirm that you agree to the My Main Street terms and conditions. (Note: If you are unable to see a preview of the file you are editing, don't worry. It can take several minutes for the preview to appear.)

Green CheckGAMSA Edit Asset12. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: When you have completed all of the appropriate fields of the form you MUST check off the "SUBMIT ASSETS" box to the left of the page in the Asset Groups section. When you are ready to finalize your submission of the file, click the UPDATE button on the bottom left of the page. This will automatically send that file into the system for review with your application. The page will refresh and show you a big green check mark. This means your submission of that particular file was a success.

Please note: If you have completed the above steps properly, you will be unable to edit or view a file once you submit it. You will still be able to see a list of the files you have uploaded. The status of your files will say "not released" even after you have properly submitted them.

13. To continue editing the other images, video, and letters of recommendation you have uploaded into the system, click on the FIND ASSETS tab, then click on the "Upload assets" link next to the UP arrow and repeat steps 10-12. You can always upload more files by repeating this process beginning at step 6.

Remember to logout when you are finished working. Click here to login to the Image management System again at any time.