Fall 2014 Issue - Main Street Now

thumb_final_future-of-main-streetWe are pleased to share with you a special anniversary edition of Main Street Now! This issue focuses on the future of Main Street, a fitting topic as we celebrate 35 years of the Main Street movement. We are so honored that several thought leaders in the community revitalization field agreed to contribute to this special edition.

NMSC Board Member and Four Point Refresh Task Force Chair Mary Thompson and NMSC President and CEO Patrice Frey kick off this issue with an article on the National Main Street Center’s Four Point Refresh process. A key project of the new National Main Street Center, the Refresh process is designed to renew the Four Point Approach and ensure that Main Street leaders can use this framework to effectively address 21st-century revitalization challenges.

Next up, Donovan Rypkema offers a global perspective on 35 years of Main Street. Last May in Detroit, he gave a rousing keynote speech detailing how Main Street has been the single most effective downtown revitalization program in the country. Main Street: Right from the Start includes excerpts of this speech, offering eight key things that Main Street must keep doing—and challenging us with eight things we must do differently in the coming years to maintain the success of the movement and the approach.

Former National Main Street Center Director Kennedy Smith takes a look at why some Main Streets thrive while others struggle to survive in her article Investing in Main Street’s Future. She describes the demographics and technology that are driving the changes that will affect Main Street in the future and offers five ways Main Street managers can position their districts to achieve long-term economic success.

Mary Means, affectionately known as the “mother” of Main Street, offers crucial insights on trends that are shaping downtowns today challenges Main Street managers to acquire the skills needed to become civic and economic development leaders in their communities. Leadership: Then and Now...and Looking Ahead is essential reading for any Main Street manager.

Finally, in Placemaking Main Street into a Destination Downtown, Fred Kent and Gary Toth of Project for Public Spaces offer an intriguing look at the connections between placemaking and the Main Street movement. They show how placemaking tools like the Power of Ten and walking and street audits can work with Main Street to create “destination downtowns” that invite people to gather as a community.

This special edition is available to both members and non-members of the National Main Street Center.

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