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What are the hottest trends and most interesting predictions that could affect Main Street revitalization in 2013? What’s ahead for small businesses—from MomPopolies to “glocalism”?  Which social media networks are poised to take flight?  What are the hottest food and dining trends for 2013? The top retail trends? And closer to home, what do we see as the major issues for preservation in the coming year? What’s in store for nonprofits? How will placemaking fare? Come with us as we journey around the Internet to see what the experts have to say.

Small Businesses: Connecting with Consumers

SOTW_1-16-13_HotTrends_SmallBizTop Retail Trends for 2013
According to various popular polls, it seems that 2013 will be more about spending money on things that make people happy and healthy than ever before. Consumers plan to spend less on frivolous items and more on practical ones. What are the hot categories for 2013?

Three Predictions for Small Business in 2013
From the economy to financing to climate change, what changes are going to take place in 2013 and how can small-business owners take advantage of each of them?

Five Small Business Trends for 2013
The economy (fiscal “cliff” threat notwithstanding) seems to be on track for a stronger recovery in 2013, buoyed by consumer confidence and more Americans going back to work. Check out five predictions—from a surge in startups to organic pet products and using games to attract people to your website.

Five Ways to Get Your Business in Shape for 2013
Now is the perfect time for owners to stock of their businesses and make some important changes for an even better year ahead. Check out five simple things business owners can do to start the year off right.

Small Business Internet Marketing Trends for 2013
The new year brings a chance for business owners and marketers to evaluate what they’re doing, uncover what’s not working, and focus on the new trends that are worth their attention. Here are five Internet marketing trends for small business owners to focus on in 2013.

Three Tech Trends That Will Shape Your Business in 2013
Are the businesses in your Main Street district using technology to its fullest? Here are three predictions for the top tech trends that will affect small and midsized businesses in 2013 and the challenges involved in implementing each.

Under the Radar: 10 Trends Loyalty Marketers Might Not See Coming in 2013
Is your small business a “MomPopoly?” Combining the immediate connection of social media with the advantage of being hands-on and local, smart small-business owners are harnessing the power of social media to reach unheard-of levels of customer engagement. In fact, they’re getting so good at it that big businesses are copying them. MomPopolies are just one of 10 trends bubbling under the radar right now that will have huge effects on companies trying to stand out in a sea of distracted consumers and earn customer loyalty in 2013 and beyond. Find out what glocalism, “friend and spend,” and other emerging loyalty trends will mean to your business.

17 Hot Industries to Watch in 2013
Looking to capitalize on the emerging industries and technologies that will shape business in the future? What are the hot picks for 2013? See what the Young Entrepreneur Council, an invitation-only nonprofit organization comprised of the country’s most promising young entrepreneurs, has to say.

Restaurants and Dining: Eating Local and Eating Real

SOTW_1-16-13_HotTrends_Dining17 Hottest Food and Dining Trends for Restaurants and Hotels in 2013
Restaurant chains, hotels and smart independents are ramping up their flavor profiles, chucking artificial stuff, and exploring whole new worlds of real ingredients—especially at bars. There’s big snackification of America in hotel lobbies and fast feeders, plus a bunch of buzzwords for the year ahead.

Menu Trends for 2013
The National Restaurant Association (NRA) each year prepares its “What’s Hot” culinary forecast of menu trends for the coming year. The NRA surveyed more than 1,800 professional chefs—members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF)to find that children’s nutrition and local sourcing will continue to be the hottest trends on restaurant menus in 2013. What else is on their list?

Top Ten Food Trends for 2013
What are the “Smokin’ Hot” food trends in the Food Channel’s 2013 Food Trends Forecast?

Mobile Marketing: What's Coming in the World of Digital Media

SOTW_1-16-13_HotTrends_DigitalThe Hottest Digital Marketing Trends of 2013
Mobile is the name of digital marketing for 2013. The growth of smartphone and tablet usage is incredible. Consumers are relying on these devices to give them the necessary information immediately. Mobile marketing perfectly aligns the offline and online worlds as these trends illustrate.

Seven Social Networks to Watch in 2013
In 2010, a little-known app for sharing photos with funky, retro filters announced it had signed up its millionth user. Fast forward two years, and Instagram is a social media titan, with more than 100 million users. While Facebook's acquisition had a lot to do with Instagram's growth, the reality is that new social media leaders are now emerging in a matter of months, not years. So what does 2013 hold for the social media landscape?

25 Musts for Websites in 2013
A website can’t just exist; it needs to perform. It needs to attract visitors, educate them, and convince them to buy or take action. Today, the web is social and interactive, not static like it used to be. Check out 25 “must-haves” for websites in 2013.

13 Hot Internet Marketing Trends in 2013
The array of internet marketing vehicles, tools and techniques will continue to increase in 2013. To capitalize on the opportunities, take a look at these hot internet marketing trends for 2013.

10 Online Marketing Trends for 2013
Online marketing in 2012 could be summed up in a few words: mobile, big brands, and Google updates. What will capture our attention and be the driving forces behind business decisions over the next 12 months?

Nonprofit Challenges: Money, Management, and Mission

Ch-Ch-Changes: Nonprofit Sector Predictions for 2013
What will happen to public-private partnerships? How will funding relationships between nonprofits and government change? Are hybrid organizations the way of the future? Check out these predictions from experts in the nonprofit world.

The Fundraising Outlook for 2013
Nonprofits enter 2013 facing an unsettled fundraising climate. Donors are concerned about the sluggish economy, potential cuts to federal spending, and changes to the tax code. Meanwhile, changing technology presents new challenges and opportunities to groups that want to reach new supporters. Will more donors move away from direct gifts toward loan or investment options? Could potential changes to the tax code spur giving? Find out how to help your nonprofit meet its fundraising goals.

Key Nonprofit Sector Trends to Watch in 2013
Blackbaud, a major nonprofit software company, forecasts that a revaluing of the nonprofit sector will take place; and that technology will play an increasingly important role for both organizations. Check out their other predictions.


7 Placemaking Wishes for 2013
Though firmly rooted in placemaking trends that have gained notable traction over the past year, this list contains not so much what experts expect to see as it does what they hope will be implemented in communities during 2013.


And last, but absolutely not least, let’s take a look at what may be on the horizon for historic preservation in the coming year. Check out the Forum blog to see what preservation leaders will be watching in 2013.