Support Your Local Main Street

This holiday season, please spread your cheer where it counts, at home. Convenience may dictate online shopping or the mall, but think about making the holidays brighter for your friends and neighbors. Money spent on Main Street stays within the community and sustains those who need it most. When you shop with local business owners, the money you spend re-circulates in your community. Local business owners employ local workers, pay local taxes, give to local charities, and buy goods and services from other local businesses. Money spent with out of town business owners leaves your community and has relatively little impact in your city or town.

Why Shop Local?

Main Streets aren't magical places just during the holidays; they are centers for community gathering and unique shopping and dining experiences throughout the year. Nothing sends this message better than this video produced by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority's Main Street Center and Pace & Partners in support of the National Trust Main Street Center. This video celebrates all the aspects that make our Main Streets great places to live, work, and play.

We have created an online media toolkit to spread the word. Use the toolkit to download the video and a press release template, along with a list of ideas for using it promote your Main Street district.

Times are tight and not everyone has money to give this season, but we can all choose where to do our holiday shopping. The dollars you spend have a real impact on the health of your city and by spending on Main Street you create jobs on Main Street. Local business owners have supported your hometown by choosing to operate in your community; please support them this year when you do your holiday shopping and spend with those you know.

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