Revitalizing Main Street

New Resource from the National Trust Main Street Center

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Anyone who has been involved in Main Street revitalization for more than a week understands immediately that the comprehensive Main Street Four-Point Approach® covers many different areas.  For example, bringing more residential units to your downtown may seem like just a real estate issue, but it triggers economic restructuring and design concerns:  Is the housing planned for appropriate areas in your district; can the district accommodate parking requirements for residential units; and do zoning ordinances encourage housing, especially on the upper floors?

NOLA_OakStreetBoardMain Street revitalization is comprehensive, but it doesn't have to be complicated. That is why the National Trust Main Street Center is proud to announce its newest publication, Revitalizing Main Street: A practitioner's guide to comprehensive commercial district revitalization. This 224-page publication discusses all four points of the Main Street approach and explains how the many aspects of revitalization work together.

We aren't summarizing the basics – we're delving into the topics that set the foundation for a successful commercial district. Chapters on parking, transportation, heritage tourism, zoning, and planning complement sections on raising funds, working with volunteers, and preserving and reusing historic resources. For practitioners new to Main Street, as well as experienced Main Street executive directors, Revitalizing Main Street will become your go-to resource for fundamental concepts and inspiring success stories.

To offer Main Street programs even more information, we're making several online-only documents  available to supplement the content in the book. These resources are available to everyone for free; the PDFs can be downloaded here.

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